PRODITEX has extensive experience in merchandising items and wide competitiveness in the Peruvian market

Make Your clients remenber your brand




About Proditex:

We are a company with several years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of advertising and promotional items.

Our products will help you to position your brand or company, as well as to promote your product or service. They are also a very effective tool to motivate your staff or for gifts in different events, such as conventions, anniversaries, conferences or exhibitions.

A Peruvian company created from the year 2004 goes in search of team learning with the process of aligning and developing the team's ability to create the results desired by its members. It is built on the discipline of the development of a shared vision. It is also constructed with personal mastery.

We do what you cannot, and you do what we cannot. Together we can do great things, the strength lies in the differences, not the similarities.

The corporate culture in PRODITEX is defined as the set of philosophies, thoughts, beliefs and habits produced within a cycle. The values on the other hand, you provide the company with a strength to carry out its planned objectives successfully. The advantages of PRODITEX vision is to promote the enthusiasm and commitment of all parts that are members of the organization.

Encourages that from the director-general until the last worker who has recently joined the company, to take action in accordance with what indicated the vision. Recalling that the senior commanders have to lead by example.

We have a wide variety of products to help you choose the right one.